As meditation teachers, we understand the challenges of meditation.

As engineers, we have the solution.


Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all practice, so why listen to the same guided meditation over and over again?

Our Biofeedback Meditation Cushion and Levels App optimizes the guided meditation session based on your biofeedback. All while not having to wear an uncomfortable device.

Capture Your Data ​​​

  • Our smart meditation cushion senses your breath and heart patterns to measure the depth of your meditation. 


  • Whether you practice mindfulness, loving-kindness, or any kind of meditation practice, with your data, you will have a better understanding of which type of meditation is best for you. 

Understand Your Data​​​​

  • After every session, you can view your trends, milestones and even get personalized suggestions on how to improve your meditation practice.

  • This data helps you objectively understand how your meditation is impacting your body and mind.

Use Your Data

  • With the Levels App, you can enjoy a custom, personalized biofeedback meditation every time you sit.


  • Our A.I. interprets your real-time heart and breath data to generate helpful prompts that will guide you to reach deeper states of meditation.

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Stress-related mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety, are on the rise.  The health industry has exhausted their options of using various drugs to try to help. This has led to many people seeking natural methods to heal themselves. 


Meditation is a scientifically proven tool to alleviate stress-related mental illnesses but can be too abstract and subjective to understand how it affects you. 


We know people love easy-to-understand data that shows the specific impact meditation is having on them. When they can physically see how meditation changes them, the results will speak for themselves.  Additionally, a consistent meditation practice is developed from having positive feedback and metrics showing that you are making progress.


In 2017, we set out to help people objectively understand their meditation practice by combining meditation with technology. We did this by creating a Biofeedback Meditation Cushion and App. The Levels Meditation solution provides concrete data and evidence of how meditation improves your mind and body over time by measuring your calmness, breathing patterns, and stress levels. The cushion uses innovative sensors and digital filtering algorithms to collect meditation data just by sitting on it. 


With our technology, people can learn how to meditate faster, are encouraged to stick to the habit of meditation, as well as discover new ways to improve their practice.






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