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Biohacking and The Science Behind Biofeedback Meditation

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Yoga is a meditation solution and a very popular relaxation technique that has been around

for centuries. As a practice, yoga is currently seeing escalated growth due to the increase of

individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. During a successful yoga session, you can begin to feel a

sense of calmness and clarity that you would not be able to experience normally. This is because,

while during the session, the brain is able to operate on different levels, therefore corresponding to a

higher or lower state of activity. If your brain is in a higher state of activity, you are not able to truly

be as calm and serene as an individual who is meditating. Meditation benefits range from a brighter

disposition to keenness in thought, and can all be measured in a process known as biofeedback


Biohacking and What is Biofeedback Meditation?

Biofeedback meditation is the process of using biofeedback sensors to have a greater

understanding of how the body is performing. It's an excellent method to biohack and accelerate the meditation process. For example, once the biofeedback sensors are placed on an individual, it can read heart rate, breathing patterns, shallowness or deepness in breath, and many other vital KPIs. In some cases these biofeedback meditation devices can be anything from a meditation pillow to different sensors placed around the body. In using these sensors, those who meditate can see exactly how each meditation session is affecting them, and how important the changes in meditation practices have been over time.

Future of Biofeedback Meditation?

As the focus on human health increases in the population, so will the significance of

analytical data that emphasizes the effects of meditation. Meditation pillows are something that will

help biofeedback resolutions in reporting this data due to the accuracy that they supply and the

effective nature that these pillows encompass. The ability to track ones biochemical responses will be

extremely important in the process of stress management, therefore leading to people being

increasingly less stressed out. In using tools like meditation pillows and guided meditation techniques,

there is the possibility of lessening the effects that can be inflicted in ones stress system. In keeping a

person’s stress in a manageable zone using biofeedback sensors during a meditation session, it will

help to increase that person’s work performance and overall well being. The future of biofeedback

meditation is bright and can expect to see a lot of new avenues related to yoga and meditation.

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